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well for this entry, i will share a little bit of my long lost friends and i haven't heard from them since 1998 (the last year in primary school).  fyi, my primary school is SK. DATO' PANGLIMA KINTA IPOH. well, i know, it may seems  unpopular as compare to my secondary school that i enrolled- SMK CONVENT, IPOH.  but, for me, my primary school had taught me a lot in being me today.  i had the best experience ever of making friends, doing naughty things (not BAD, but NAUGHTY) experiencing puppy love and so forth.

as i completed my primary school, i enrolled to CONVENT, and since then, i never heard about my primary school friends especially the boys.  well, most of my girlfriends enrolled to the same secondary school as i am.  no efforts being made to find back my friends as i am busy concentrating on the school exams (yeah, right).  but, i can't help myself to think-would it be nice if i can reconnect back with my friends.  well, it ends there.

after completing my SPM, i registered myself as a student at UITM seri iskandar, completing my DIPLOMA, I did further my study at UITM shah alam.  and this is when the miracle came.  at those years, FRIENDSTER was very popular.  i am one of the active user and thank to FRIENDSTER, i did reconnected back with my friends.  the first person that i met was RASHID.  hehehe...his profile appear on the people you may know list.  looking at his photographs, it is not hard for me to tell it was him...then, when FACEBOOK arrived, continuously, i manage to find several other friends of mine.  oh my, i am very glad...knowing there are doing great and starts to settling down, i makes me happier.

and last year, 2o11, we manage to gather during RAMADHAN, i am happy to meet them (even though there were only 7 of them).  we share stories, updates each other and bringing back memories of our old days.  that was fun!!and cikgu2 of SK DATO' PANGLIMA KINTA, u should be proud of your product, a prosecutor, a master's student, a government officer, a banker (and other professionals in the making)

i am hoping, that our relationship will last forever, several of them has started to build their family, o, i am very glad to know that.  i wish them all the best in everything that they are doing.  and please friends, KEEP IN TOUCH

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