Thursday, June 6, 2013


ASSALAMUALAIKUM WBT... has been so long since the last entry...well, tonight, after almost a year, i decided to write something.  well as the stated title....11 May 2013 was my third convocation for my master's degree.  i studied for almost 2 years with these two special friends.....they shares my ups and owns together.  we travel every week from Ipoh to Shah Alam without fail( unless we decided to ponteng kelas la)...along the way, we will go merepek together with all sorts of stories....but most of them were about our families....i thank ALLAH SWT for sending me this two wonderful people to me....i'm very glad to have them as my friends.   deep inside my heart, i am always hoping that our friendship will remain...insyaallllahhhh.....


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