Thursday, June 6, 2013

a friendly after midnight reminder dedicated to me and you


As i'm growing older, i am starting to rethink and categorizing my friends into different categories...will she/he be the one that hold my hand and help me to get up and continue walking or otherwise.... how many friends, followers u have in ur social media didn't portrays the right message about your true for me...yes, i am categorizing my friends, but not to name them here...they know who they are...i may not be the type of fiend that is very expressive, once a while you notice and you will know how i feel...not to worry....friends are still you treat them and how you cherish is your personal preferences...but friends..i may not be perfect, but be wise enough to choose friends that will support you to do the right things and not otherwise...we r getting older not younger...


  1. Friend in need is friend indeed..... Ehhhh.... Betoi ke abg tulih ni?

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